The Best Cincinnati Day Trip Itinerary (2024)

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Want to know the best Cincinnati day trip itinerary? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio, I went on day trips to Cincinnati all the time.

Whether it was to see a Reds game, visit family, or just to explore new places, I always found something new to do each time I visited Cincinnati.

Once JP started making trips back to Ohio with me, I took him out to all of my favorite spots and we found new places to explore together.

Everything in this day trip itinerary was all new to me on this trip!

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Cincinnati Day Trip Itinerary

As you know, JP and I have been making regular trips to Ohio to visit family.

On our most recent trip, we were there for several weeks, so we had plenty of time to explore.

This time we had a free day to drive down to Cincinnati, so we decided to make this Cincinnati day trip itinerary.

➡️ Stop For A Quick Meal At Culver’s

The first stop is always Culver’s.

For some reason, this chain is everywhere around Dayton, but not IN Dayton.

So whenever we go to Cincinnati, we always plan to stop at Culver’s.

This location is right off the highway by the Cincinnati Outlets.

I always get a Butter Burger with Cheese and Cheese Curds on the side.

They also make their own Root Beer, so I always get that to drink.

If you have room for dessert, their Concrete Mixers are delicious!

➡️ Explore The American Sign Museum

This museum has been around for years, but I had never heard of it until this trip.

We were looking for things that were open around Cincinnati that JP hadn’t done yet and this came up.

We went to the Neon Museum in Vegas awhile back which was really cool, so we figured this one would be cool too.

The whole family came along for this outing since they all had the day off.

Maybe it was a weekend or Winter Break still.

This museum has everything though.

We went right when it opened, so there weren’t really issues of having people in the way of taking photos.

When you visit the museum, you can spend up to probably 1-2 hours to see all of the signs and photos.

If you’re local to Ohio, some of the signs may have more significance than others, though there are plenty that would be recognized nationwide.

Some more of our favorite neon signs from the museum are below.

There’s really so many cool designs that it’s hard to narrow down exactly which ones to include in this blog post, especially since there’s already so many!

As you can see, this museum covers not only local history, but national history as well.

Depending on your age you should be able to remember seeing a handful of these neon signs.

To see even more of the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, check out the full walk-through video on our YouTube Channel!

➡️ Test Your Problem Solving Skills At The Escape Game

The Escape Game is a popular chain of escape rooms with themes like Gold Rush, Prison Break, The Heist, The Depths, Special Ops and others.

Most rooms allow up to 8 players, with some allowing up to 12 players.

Generally you can play with as little as 2-3 players depending on the room.

We’ve done Gold Rush in Las Vegas and escaped with 3 1/2 minutes to spare.

Gold rush escape room in Las Vegas

We also tried The Heist in San Francisco and needed just another minute or two to escape.

The Heist escape room in San Francisco

We also tried Special Ops and got nowhere close to escaping!

Lastly, we’ve also played The Depths and got stuck on one clue in particular that kept us from making any progress in escaping.

These were all just the two of us though.

The Depths Escape Room in San Francisco

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➡️ Take In Some History At William Howard Taft National Historic Site

This seems super random when you consider all there is to do in Cincinnati.

If you’re into history and things that are free, this one’s for you!

You would never know it by the photos, but it is right in the middle of town.

The visit starts at the gift shop so that they know who all is coming in.

There they will confirm that a ranger is available in the house so that you can go in.

Once you’re in the house they give their spiel about not touching stuff and being mindful that it’s an old house.

From there you’re on your own to explore as you please.

When we visited we were the only ones there, which allowed us to go at our own pace.

Again, it’s hard to narrow down which pictures to share in this blog posts because there’s just so many rooms in this house.

But here are a few more of my favorites.

For even more photos and videos of the William Howard Taft National Historic Site, check out our full walk-through on our YouTube Channel.

➡️ Hidden Brewery Caverns Tour With Beer Tasting

This underground tour takes you to 2 sets of beer caverns.

Plus, you’ll be visiting a site where Johnny Cash filmed a movie.

At the end of the tour, enjoy a beer tasting (or a soft drink if you’re under 21).

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➡️ Go International At Jungle Jim’s

If you’re from the area, you’ve been here at least once, if not more.

Jungle Jim’s has been featured on so many networks including Travel Channel, History Channel , and Food Network.

They have even been featured on Good Morning America.

Not only do they have world famous restrooms, but this place is huge.

It has a section for literally everything.

There’s normal grocery store foods, novelty foods and candies, international foods, desserts, tons of alcohol, novelty sodas, and many health foods.

Our favorite thing to do here is pick out novelty root beers and sarsaparillas.

You can build your own six-packs or buy however many you want.

This trip we picked up a couple pastries from the bakery and a Muffuletta spread.

In the international section, each country gets it’s own little mini-market decorated to look like that destination.

Check out more of our experience at Jungle Jim’s in our video on our YouTube Channel!

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More Fun Things To Do In Ohio

Outside of visiting Cincinnati, some other areas of Ohio have fun places for a day trip like Columbus and Dayton.


Columbus is a great place for a day trip or weekend getaway.

You can choose from the Columbus Zoo, COSI, Hofbrauhaus, Otherworld, or a ton of other activities.

Columbus Zoo

✅ Dayton

Being from Dayton, I have a lot of posts about things to do in the area.

The best way to break it down is by the time of year due to changes in weather throughout the year and seasonal festivals the area is known for.

Check out our posts on things to do in Dayton in SummerFallWinter, or Spring depending on the time of year you want to visit.

There’s also some places in-between Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus that make for great day trips away from the city.

If you’re not familiar with the area, Dayton is actually home to some amazing restaurants, some of which are still my favorite after traveling the entire country for several year.

Check out all the best restaurants in Dayton, Ohio when you plan your visit.

Skyline Chili 5 way

✅ Take A Road Trip To California


JP and I have made this drive multiple times, changing up the route a little each time to see new places.

I highly recommend doing this at least once to see the Historic Route 66, some wildly popular National Parks, and to just enjoy a good old fashioned road trip.

Check out our itinerary and tips for planning your trip.

Conclusion: Cincinnati Day Trip Itinerary

I hope this gave you some new ideas on some of the cool things to do in Cincinnati on your next day trip.

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Cincinnati Day Trip Itinerary