25 Best Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas (2024)

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Want to find all the best cheap restaurants in Las Vegas? We’ve got you covered with our favorite restaurants you can find in all areas of town.

Las Vegas is known as being a city for high rollers, but you can also go to Vegas while “ballin on a budget” by dining at the cheap restaurants.

While “cheap” is a relative term, we have a variety of restaurants on this list that have entrees for less than $10, while others on the list are at least under $25.

Vegas is known for its fine dining and celebrity chef restaurants, so in comparison, a $25 entree is considered cheap by Vegas standards.

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25 Best Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

These are the best cheap restaurants in Las Vegas that we love to visit when we’re on a tighter budget.

Whether you’re staying on The Strip, Downtown on Fremont Street, or the surrounding area, there are plenty of cheap restaurants in Las Vegas no matter where you are.

Cheap Restaurants on The Strip

If you’re staying put right on The Strip, these cheap restaurants in Las Vegas will help you stay on budget.

1. Beer Park

Not only is the view great, but so is the food!

Beer Park is located at the Paris Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

It’s outside and overlooks the Eiffel Tower and the Bellagio Fountains.

Beer Park Las Vegas - view of the eiffel tower

I believe in this picture we were visiting on the 4th of July, which is why the Eiffel Tower is lit up in red, white, and blue, because it normally isn’t.

We loved the Pretzel with Beer Cheese, the Philly Cheesesteak, and their mixed drinks!

On a hot summer night it’s a great place to hang out and watch a game.

Beer Park Las Vegas - mixed drink

2. Fulton Fish Frye

This restaurant is located inside the New York New York Casino.

The Original Fulton Fish Frye in Las Vegas

They have quite a variety of seafood options, so we decided to order a basket that had a few different options for us to sample.

You’ll see on their menu they even have family meal deals that are less than $25 for the whole family!

Fulton Fish Frye menu

Of course I definitely recommend at least ordering Fish and Chips, but consider adding Shrimp or even a Clam Chowder.

Fulton Fish Frye - fish and chips

3. Dirt Dog

We had visited the one in LA several years ago, so we finally decided to stop in at the one in Vegas.

Dirt Dog - Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

We just shared one hot dog to get our fix and then I saw they had Deep Fried Oreos, which I LOVE so I convinced JP to order those too.

It only came with 2, so it was easy to talk him into it.

Dirt Dog - deep fried oreos

For their hot dogs, they have tons of loaded options.

We opted for the Dirty Chili Dog – wrapped in bacon, topped with Chili Chorizo, Cheddar, and Bacon Bits.

It also comes with a Chipotle Aioli sauce which JP had on the side.

There’s also Cilantro, but I don’t eat it, so we just asked not to put it on.

Dirt Dog - Dirty Chili Dog

This Dirt Dog location is part of the Grand Bazaar shops outside of Bally’s (now called Horseshoe).

4. Greenberg’s Deli

This restaurant is located inside the New York New York Hotel & Casino.

It’s just off to the side of the casino floor.

Greenberg's Deli at New York New York Casino in Las Vegas

We stopped by here one night after checking in JP’s son and his friend over at Mandalay Bay.

While we were walking back to Polo Towers we wanted a little snacky snack.

We had hiked in Zion the entire day, so we wanted something that would be more on the refreshing side.

Greenberg's Deli menu

We opted for the Classic Turkey Club and just shared one.

This is a triple decker sandwich topped with turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Greenberg’s Deli is a counter service restaurant with plenty of seating just outside the entrance.

It happens to be across from a piano bar, so we sat and listened to that show while we ate.

Greenberg's Deli - Classic Turkey Club

5. Jaburritos

I had heard about this place for awhile, but we never had the time to stop in until this past visit.

Jaburritos’ claim to fame is their Sushi Burritos!

Once we were there I realized it’s just an uncut sushi roll if you think about it, but they are actually thicker and the size of an actual burrito.

My favorite part about this meal was that I ordered “snack size” California roll and JP ordered a regular Sushi Burrito (I don’t remember exactly which one), but they were pretty much the same size!

Jaburritos - sushi burrito

They also had another novelty menu item, which was a Sake Sangria.

It was super weird because you could distinctly taste the Sake and the traditional Sangria flavor at the exact same time.

Jaburritos - Sake Sangria

It’s a really good drink though and I highly recommend trying it!

Jaburritos is currently located on the LINQ Promenade.

They used to have a different indoor location, but I believe that is permanently closed since they moved to the LINQ.

Jaburritos - Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

6. Giordano’s

The first time we had Giordano’s was actually when we were at Island Time Floats.

We were there around closing and a worker came up and said, “hey we have this leftover pizza, do you want it?”

Of course we did!

Our favorite pizza in California is a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, so we knew we would love it.

Giordano’s has expanded to about 20 locations outside of Illinois (one of which is in Beavercreek, Ohio now – my hometown), so you can try it even if you’re not in Vegas!

7. Eataly Las Vegas

Eataly is in a handful of cities now. It is essentially a food court, but all Italian food!

This location has dine in options, counter service options, to go options, lots of desserts, and even a grocery area with lots of pastas, candies, and wine!

8. Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar

Famous for their Trash Can Nachos that have the toppings evenly distributed so that every chip is perfect!

We also LOVE their Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger! I also recommend sharing the chocolate cake because it is MASSIVE!

We’ve never had a bad meal here and love to visit as often as we can.

9. Hash House A Go Go

This place is so popular it has multiple locations in Vegas!

It is THE go-to breakfast restaurant.

They serve massive portions, so be prepared to share or take home a lot of leftovers.

10. Carlos n Charlie’s

We tried this place for the first time on a recent trip and loved these nachos!

We weren’t sure what to try since the vast majority of the menu had dishes that we love to eat.

But then we saw this nacho tower being carried out and knew that’s what we wanted!

It has a great outdoor patio on the backside of the Flamingo, so try to get a table outdoors if the weather permits.

Carlos n Charlie's - nacho tower

11. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

You might notice that something is missing from the photos below.

Where is the pizza, you might ask?

We FORGOT to take a picture before we ate it all!

I have no idea how this happened, but I promise it looked and tasted delicious!

They have a great wine selection which I believe they do a happy hour for on certain days of the week.

This is another restaurant that has multiple locations throughout Vegas.

This particular location was in the shops at The Palazzo.

If you join their email list you’ll get a free pizza on your birthday and lots of other deals throughout the year.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert because they have Tiramisu!

12. Rí Rá Irish Pub

On our most recent visit we came across this place just outside of our room at The Delano.

Ri Ra Irish Pub - Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

This was our first time staying in that hotel and seeing the shops and restaurants in that area and it opened up a whole new world of dining for us.

We LOVE Irish Pubs and try to visit them whenever we come across them.

Ri Ra Irish Pub

Our go-to order is whatever Cider they are offering (usually Strongbow, Magner’s, or Rekorderlig), Shepherd’s Pie, and Bread Pudding.

This time was no exception!

JP’s son was with us on this trip, so he ordered an Irish Chicken Curry, which is similar to poutine because it’s served over fries.

13. The Pantry

We were told about this place by a friend we were visiting with the night before.

It’s one of the few breakfasts we’ve had in Vegas since it’s my least favorite meal to spend money on.

But anyway, The Pantry is located inside The Mirage (which I had never been in until this visit).

We decided to share some pancakes with bacon, potatoes, and coffee.

You can’t go wrong with any of them!

The restaurant is also just super cute and well put together.

The Pantry - pancakes, bacon, potatoes, and coffee

14. Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse

This is another place that is inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood on the Strip.

We found out about this place because of coupons from Polo Towers advertising a $24 lunch buffet rather than full price.

Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse - Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

So the coupon is really $1 off lunch + shrimp.

But anyway, we enjoyed our meal so much we visited twice in the same trip!

Our favorite items were the Brazilian Cheese Bread (aka Pao de Queijo), the Caesar Salad, Medium Rare Top Sirloin, Au Gratin Potatoes, and Plantains.

I find it interesting that all of the Central and South American restaurants (in my experience) always has Plantains on the menu, except for Mexican restaurants.

Since California has hardly any food from that region that isn’t Mexican, I can never get plantains anywhere, except for the grocery store.

So whenever we leave California and I find a restaurant with Plantains, it’s my new favorite place.

Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse - Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

15. Burger Brasserie

This is located at the place where Paris and Horseshoe meet, just to the side of the Horseshoe casino.

We had no wait at all to be seated, which was rare this trip between larger crowds and industry wide staffing shortages.

We’ve learned that restaurant portions are usually much larger than what we prefer to eat, so we opted to share an appetizer and entree for this meal.

We tried their Garlic Parmesan Wings and their iconic Champagne Burger.

What makes the Champagne Burger unique is that it is topped with Brie Cheese, a Fried Egg, and Applewood Bacon!

16. Sirrico’s

This pizza place is located inside the New York Casino.

During Happy Hour you can get a slice of pizza and a beer for $10.

It’s a pretty thick slice, so it’s definitely a good deal.

This is another place we like to stop in at in-between meals and share a snack.

Sirrico's Pizza - slice of pizza and a glass of beer

17. Tacos El Gordo

This wouldn’t be a best cheap restaurants in Las Vegas list without including Tacos El Gordo.

There is one location on The Strip across from the new Resorts World and there are 2 other locations around Las Vegas.

They are open until 2 am on week days and 4 am on weekends.

Pretty much all of their menu items are less than $5.

There are about a dozen different types of tacos you can get, plus some other dishes like tostadas and quesadillas.

Cheap Restaurants Off The Strip

These cheap eats are still in Las Vegas, but not right in the center of the action.

18. Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos

There are 6 locations all throughout Las Vegas.

They are best known for their Mexican street corn side dish that is only $2.89.

Their fresh fruit Aguas Frescas are also a must try.

You can ask to sample whichever flavors you’d like and you can even mix flavors.

They have flavors like strawberry, pineapple, mango, watermelon, chia lemonade, cucumber, and spinach.

19. Sickie’s Garage

Sickie’s Garage is located in the Town Square Mall on the South end of the Strip.

It’s a chain that has 6 other locations in Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

On the day we happened to visit I wasn’t feeling well so I just had the mashed potatoes, which was so satisfying, but JP had this massive burger with tater tots.

I’d love to go back and try more menu options!

20. Viva Las Arepas

While Viva Las Arepas is on the same street as the rest of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s much farther north than where all the action is and I definitely wouldn’t recommend walking here if you’re staying on The Strip, so I decided to place it here.

Viva Las Arepas is a Venezuelan restaurant that serves arepas, empanadas, pastelitos, and more.

Most dishes are less than $10, making it a cheap lunch or dinner stop while you’re in Vegas.

21. Juan’s Flaming Fajitas

We went here on our most recent trip when we were visiting with friends who are locals.

They get all the credit since they introduced us to it!

sangria from Juan's Flaming Fajitas in Las Vegas

There are several locations in Vegas, all of which are off The Strip and not Downtown either.

Since there were 6 of us at dinner, we were able to try a handful of their menu items.

They have delicious Sangria, Flautas, Fajitas (obviously), and Sopapillas!

22. Durango Taco Shop

This restaurant has 6 locations all throughout Las Vegas.

There is even one on Flamingo Road, just east of The Strip.

Durango Taco Shop is known for serving breakfast all day and having a variety of cheap daily specials under $5!

You can get 3 el pastor tacos for only $5 and 3 quesa birria tacos for $9.99.

Even their combination plates are less than $15.

Plus for dessert you can get a churro for $1.50.

23. KoMex Fusion

KoMex is a Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant just northeast of the Las Vegas Strip.

Their Fusion Tostada has even been featured on the Food Network and it’s less than $10.

Many of the traditionally Mexican dishes are infused with bulgogi to give it a Korean flair.

There are plenty of traditionally Korean dishes as well to enjoy, all for less than $15.

Cheap Restaurants on Fremont Street (Downtown)

These cheap restaurants are in an area off the Strip called Fremont Street or Downtown.

This is the old Vegas.

24. Grotto

I think this was on that same trip, but we came across The Grotto at the Golden Nugget while they were doing a Happy Hour special for their pizza and drinks.

They have pastas and other dishes as well, but the pizza is a great mid-afternoon “snack” to share between 2-3 people.

I’d love to try their pastas on their Instagram page because they look amazing!

25. Claim Jumper

I know this place isn’t unique to Las Vegas, but it’s a great priced meal that 2 people can easily share if you’re looking to save some money!

This location is inside the Golden Nugget, which is Downtown on Fremont Street.

I want to say this burger was called something like The Widow Maker and the dessert was Carrot Cake.

We shared these and still took home half the carrot cake.

So we had a $25 lunch for 2 with leftovers!

More of the Best Foods in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has seemingly endless dining options, so we’ve compiled a few lists of our favorite types of restaurants and types of food and drinks we like to have when we visit Vegas.

Best Drinks in Las Vegas

If you are looking for the best drinks in Las Vegas (along with some good drink deals), we’ve got a list of all the best ones!

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Best Las Vegas Desserts

If you’re looking to indulge in a city of indulgence, these are some of the must try desserts while you’re in town.

birthday cake dessert in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Happy Hours

This is one of our most popular posts on our entire blog!

You can find a happy hour 24/7 in Las Vegas.

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Vegas is a popular destination for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, etc., so it only makes sense that it would be filled with romantic restaurants.

Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas

Best Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas

If I could eat a bowl of pasta every day, I would.

In Vegas, you can!

bowl of pasta from Eataly in Las Vegas

Where To Stay On A Budget When You’re In Las Vegas

You’ll need a place to stay while you’re exploring all of these restaurants.

These are our favorite budget resorts.

Horseshoe Center Strip Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (Bally’s)

Horseshoe is consistently one of the cheapest hotels you can stay in on the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s centrally located on The Strip too, which seems even more incredible that it’s affordable.

I recommend signing up for the free Caesar’s Rewards program to get discounted and complimentary stays at this hotel.

Generally with the Caesar’s Rewards discount, at a minimum you’ll get an extra 10% off, but usually more unless it’s a holiday.

There are even other offers sometimes too where you get food and drink credits during your stay.

Click Here To Book Your Horseshoe Center Strip Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Stay Today!

Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is right next door to Horseshoe.

So again it is very centrally located on The Strip.

It is also part of the Caesar’s Rewards program, so I highly recommend joining that to save some money on your next stay.

It’s not always the cheapest place on The Strip, but pretty regularly throughout the year you can get a room for less than $100 a night, including the resort fee.

Everything about this resort really makes you feel like you’re in Paris, so it’s luxury on a budget.

Click Here to Learn More About Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Polo Towers by Diamond Resorts

Polo Towers is a timeshare resort right on The Strip.

It is owned by Diamond Resorts, which was recently bought out by Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

Polo Towers is closer toward the south end of the Strip, near where Excalibur and New York New York are located.

So it’s still part of the action of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s just not right in the middle like the other two.

But here’s the perk – Polo Towers has kitchens!

Most Las Vegas hotels don’t even have refrigerators anymore, unless they are fully stocked with up-charged alcohol.

At Polo Towers, you can bring all the food and drinks you want that can fit in a full sized fridge.

That is the biggest draw for us because Vegas is HOT in the Summer and I drink an absurd amount of water and I prefer it to be cold.

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Other Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas On A Budget

So beyond enjoying cheap restaurants and staying at affordable resorts, the rest of your time in Vegas will be filled with activities.

There are a surprisingly amount of things to do that are completely free or are cheaper than you’d expect for an over the top place like Las Vegas.

We’ve spent weeks at a time in Vegas over the years and have compiled our favorite things to do in Vegas on a budget.

✔️ Things To Do in Las Vegas Off The Strip

Though the Las Vegas Strip is the center of the action, there are plenty of cheap and free things to do in the surrounding area.

Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas

✔️ AREA15 Las Vegas

This is a new, state of the art, indoor entertainment center, featuring Las Vegas’ most sought after experience – Omega Mart.

Emporium arcade at AREA15

✔️ Things To Do in Las Vegas If You Don’t Gamble

If you’re not interested in gambling, or are just trying to stay on a tight budget, these are some great options to still have a great time.

Bellagio Conservatory

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Not only will you walk away with some freebies, but you’ll also learn a bit about the timeshare industry and how it works.

✔️ 100+ Birthday Freebies in Las Vegas

Whether it’s your actual birthday or just your birthday month, there are a ton of places around Las Vegas that give out birthday freebies.

✔️ The Las Vegas Neon Museum

If you’re looking for a fun evening activity, this museum puts on a show featuring the best neon lights Las Vegas has ever seen.

Las Vegas Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Conclusion: The Best Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

As you can see, there are plenty of cheap restaurants in Las Vegas whether you’re visiting for a long weekend or a whole week.

Another great way to save money on dining while in Vegas is going to all of the Happy Hours.

There is always at least one restaurant hosting a happy hour 24/7!

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