10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento (2024)

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Want to find the best Mexican restaurants in Sacramento? We’ve got you covered with these must try favorites!

As the state capital of California, Sacramento has a ton to offer.

Mexican cuisine has been an integral part of Sacramento’s culinary landscape for well over a century.

The history of Mexican restaurants in Sacramento reflects the city’s diverse cultural fabric and its close proximity to California’s agricultural heartland, which has influenced the availability of fresh ingredients and culinary traditions.

The earliest Mexican restaurants in Sacramento emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, catering primarily to Mexican immigrants and laborers who came to the region to work in agriculture, railroad construction, and other industries.

These establishments often started as small, family-owned eateries serving traditional dishes such as tacos, tamales, and enchiladas.

As Sacramento’s population grew and diversified, so did its culinary scene.

The mid-20th century saw the expansion and evolution of Mexican restaurants in the city, with many establishments incorporating influences from other Latin American cuisines and adapting to changing tastes.

In the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, Mexican cuisine gained widespread popularity in Sacramento and across the United States, fueling the growth of both traditional and modern Mexican restaurants in the region.

These restaurants range from casual taquerias and food trucks to upscale eateries offering innovative interpretations of classic dishes.

Today, Mexican restaurants in Sacramento continue to thrive, reflecting the city’s vibrant multiculturalism and ongoing culinary innovation.

They play a significant role in shaping the city’s dining landscape and are beloved by residents and visitors alike for their delicious food, warm hospitality, and rich cultural heritage.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento

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Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento

Here are the top 10 Mexican restaurants in Sacramento.

1. Zocalo

Address: 1801 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811

Zocalo is a Michelin rated modern Mexican restaurant right in the Capitol Mall.

They offer dishes from several regions of Mexico like Puebla-style chicken enchiladas and Michoacan-style carnitas.

2. 3 Hermanas

Address: 2416 K St, Sacramento, CA

Tres Hermanas specializes in Chihuahuan style Mexican cuisine, where the owners are from.

They’ve even opened a second restaurant called “3 Hermanas” in East Sacramento.

3. Tequila Museo Mayahuel

Address: 1200 K. St., Sacramento, 95814 

This upscale Mexican restaurant is meant to be a cultural museum highlighting the best of Mexican art, music, culture, and history through it’s dishes and tequila drinks.

4. Chando’s Tacos

Address: 5644 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819

This quick service Mexican restaurant has a little bit of everything.

All kinds of meats, including birria + burritos, quesadillas, tacos, tortas, taquitos, flautas, and more!

There are several locations in the Northern California area.

5. Centro Cocina Mexicana

Address: 2730 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

Happy Hour is Monday-Friday from 3 pm – 5 pm with discounts on food and drinks.

Centro Cocina Mexicana also offers monthly specials on in-season dishes.

6. Caballo Blanco

Address: 5604 Franklin Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95824

Caballo Blanco has been a family owned Mexican restaurant since 1961.

Monday through Friday there are lunch specials that change daily.

7. Ernesto’s Mexican Food

Address: 1901 16th St. Sacramento, CA 95811

Ernesto’s offers all kinds of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chimichangas, and other specialties for $10-$20 per meal for dine-in or to-go.

8. Azul Mexican Food and Tequila Bar

Address: 1050 20th St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Azul is a blend of traditional Mexican cuisine with modern influence, making it a sophisticated, ambient dining experience.

9. El Novillero Restaurant

Address: 4216 Franklin Blvd on the corner of 18th Avenue, Sacramento, CA

El Novillero has been a Sacramento staple for over 52 years!

It has been consistently ranked as one of Sacramento’s best Mexican restaurants, sometimes even taking the top spot.

10. El Rincon Mexican Restaurant

Address: 3030 T Street, Sacramento, CA

El Rincon offers weekend specials, Taco Tuesday specials on street tacos for $1.50, plus daily specials for $9.99.

They offer some of my favorite dishes like quesabirria, chicken flautas, and California burritos.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento

More of the Best Restaurants in Sacramento

Being the state capital, Sacramento has something to offer for everybody.

In addition to their Italian cuisine, there is also plenty of Chinese and Mexican restaurants to try.

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These are the best places in and around Sacramento to try!

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Conclusion: Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento

The rich history of Sacramento lends itself to even richer dining options around town.

There is nothing more indulgent than these best Mexican restaurants in Sacramento.