How To Find Sensory Inclusive Accommodations

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Want to know how to find sensory inclusive accommodations and other disability friendly destinations? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!

How To Find Sensory Inclusive Accommodations

Recently, PRNewswire reported an impressive 27 million individuals living with disabilities embarked on 81 million trips worldwide. 

Finding sensory inclusive accommodations should never be a daunting task filled with difficulties.

It should be an empowering experience that is full of unforgettable memories. 

The plight for conveniently accessible accommodation solutions has been tedious.

But don’t worry!

Trailblazing projects such as Kulture City and Red Sea Giga Project are changing this story entirely for folks who just want to enjoy their adventures in comfort. 

The best part? 

Both programs feature some of the best disability-friendly hotels in the US and the Middle-East. 

These hotels are not only tailored to ADA (Americans Disabilities Act) stipulations but additionally use creativity strokes like sensory sensitivity technology so that travelers can feel relaxed at each step in their journey. 

Such offerings go way beyond the wheelchair ramps everyone is accustomed to seeing.

blind walker using a guide

Brands That Offer Sensory Inclusive Accommodations

Just hearing the stories from those who have experienced sensory overload can bring tears to your eyes.

1. KultureCity

KultureCity, an incredible non-profit committed to creating sensory accessibility and inclusion for disability of all kinds, is doing incredible work.

They are pioneering accessible accommodation for disabled travelers through their SensoryInclusivity program.

KultureCity is providing resources such as webinars and manual training programs that provide expertise in proper practices in regards to managing disabilities at venues like amusement parks, zoos and aquariums (and even airports!).

They’re really leading the frontiers when it comes to helping make places more comfortable for those with special needs.

KultureCity’s accomplishments goes beyond just providing comfort and peace of mind.

Guidestar named them Best National Non-Profit 2014 and 2015, as reported by named them best reviewed special needs non profit organization in both years!

With accolades like this there’s no doubt that these compassionate folks are making positive change happen.

Paving pathways towards inclusivity one step at a time. 

One particularly inspiring way KultureCity makes traveling easier for disabled people is through their pioneering Inclusive Oasis network initiative.

This involves transforming hotels into some of the best sensory inclusive hotels in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, as well as other cities.

New York City skyline

2. The Red Sea GigaProject

The Red Sea GigaProject has recently made headway in their commitment to provide accessible accommodation for disabled travelers.

The goal of this project is to create a disability-friendly environment where all individuals can enjoy the same experiences regardless of their physical ability.

To achieve this, the Red Sea GigaProject has put together an extensive plan and strategy that focuses on providing some of the best sensory hotels for people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia.

They’re using technologies such as, voice assistance access through Google Home/Amazon Alexa, visual cues like LED panels or displays in door frames along with accessibility key cards and buttons placed strategically within hotel rooms.

The Red Sea Project will showcase roughly 2500 IoT sensors, as highlighted by

Its grandiose hotels and resorts also plan on utilizing LoRaWAN IoT trackers, both for workers’ and vehicles’ safety measures.

The deployment of Abeeway LoRaWAN Trackers to monitor their construction personnel workforce and transportation was implemented to ensure its successful completion by the end of 2023.

The initial stage of this project is estimated to be finished by the end of 2023 as well.

In order to best serve those with special needs, the project takes into consideration connecting services across multiple channels.

This includes transportation, sightseeing tours, and various entertainment options selected.

These solutions are designed not only for actively physically challenged people but travelers who may temporarily experience difficulty due to age related ailments too! 

Saudi Arabia

Sensory Inclusive Hotels + Their Amenities

These hotel rooms cater specifically to children living on both parts of the Autism Spectrum Scale (ASD).

The sensory modified suites feature technology designed to ease anxiety while traveling.

It has sound machines that are used to mask background noise or help simulate white noise when sleeping.

Plus color changing lighting systems used to make falling asleep easier.

They also have integrated alert radios so parents or family members can be alerted if necessary.

It also has detachable bed rails made with especially suited tailored mattresses, installed right onto select beds so children can feel secure while sleeping.

It also incorporates social stories complete with customizable visuals created using Adobe software to help illustrate and prepare for upcoming travel plans.

They also have weighted blankets that provide stress-reducing support to the bodies of people on the spectrum.

Plus, hypoallergenic materials used throughout hotel rooms from carpeting down to bedding.

Not only are these efforts revolutionary in creating safe spaces for those with ASD, but they also function as a beacon of opportunity in a world filled largely with uncertainty.

They are providing respite not just for disabled travelers but anyone seeking accessible accommodation.

This helps defy stereotypes and offer proof that living independently is possible, no matter your abilities or disabilities.

Kulture City continues to be an inspiration, leading the way in making the dreams of disabled travelers come true!

child sitting on a bed with pillows looking out a window

Challenges Faced By Disabled Travelers

Traveling is a huge challenge for individuals with disabilities.

While progress has been made in the realm of accessible accommodations, accurate comprehension and awareness of actual issues faced by travelers can be tricky and daunting.

For example, as stated by, people in wheelchairs often find constraints regarding making reservations at restaurants, buying tickets or using transportation when it comes to traveling abroad specifically.

When it comes to attending concerts or theater shows, occupied wheelchair spots may not have an appropriate viewing angle and size.

The seats are rarely big enough which typically means no arm rests and limited seating area.

Accessible hotels must really consider sensory sensitivity as this affects the comfort level of those traveling with disabilities.

Some of the best wheelchair accessible destinations in the US, such as Lubbock, Orlando, and Chicago are very aware that disability access isn’t just about aesthetic physical adaptations.

All popular disabled travel locations in the US need to remember this and should also pay attention towards noise levels throughout their premises.

This includes how sound-proof walls are along with hallways leading up to hotel rooms and multiple other factors.

man sitting in wheelchair at base of steps

Conclusion: How To Find Sensory Inclusive Accommodations

Kulture City’s focus on pioneering sensory sensitivity solutions, as well as the Red Sea Giga Project launched by Saudi Arabia on the red sea coastline, carries great potential for opening up new opportunities.

These opportunities include training of personnel involved in accommodating touring groups with customers having disabilities or special needs.