Snow Day LA (2023) – The Best Holiday Event in Elysian Park

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Want to know how to make the most of Snow Day LA? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!


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Snow Day LA

So let me tell you about Snow Day LA.

This event took place in Elysian Park back in 2019.

As of now, there are no announced plans for bringing any version of this event back.

But below is what it used to be, what it could be in the future, and some other alternative activities to do in the area instead.

Snow Day LA Reviews

For our first Winter Wonderland event I picked Snow Day LA.

Partially because of its location right in the middle of LA.

But also because they had sledding!

Then I did the worst thing you could possibly do.

I read the reviews AFTER buying the tickets.

It turned out that this event just gets hammered by reviewers.

Essentially 0 star reviews.

Everyone saying it was a scam and to not waste your money.

I instantly regretted my decision and chose not to tell JP about the reviews because then he wouldn’t go.

Even once we got there and we were in line to enter, people were exiting and telling everyone to leave and ask for a refund.

I could not imagine that an event that’s been around for several years right in the middle of LA could be as bad as everyone said.

So we went in with low expectations.

It turned out to be awesome.

Just like every other activity we feature in our Winter Wonderland series.

I honestly think people give it bad reviews because they somehow believed they would be sledding on real snow. IN THE MIDDLE OF LA.

So that’s on them to be dumb enough to not realize that when they bought their tickets!

So anyway, here’s why Snow Day LA is actually awesome:

Snow Day LA entrance sign

Snow Day LA Food Trucks and Light Trails

First of all there were about half a dozen food trucks with all kinds of food.

Burgers, pasta, sandwiches, desserts, ice creams, tacos, etc.

I forget what we originally ordered when we got there.

But by the time we left we were a little hungry again so we got some pasta to go.

After our first meal, we decided to start with the lights trail.

It was very cute and offered lots of good photo ops.

After checking out the lights we found another area with these light crystals all within a big courtyard.

So it was almost maze-like on the inside.

They had all different sizes and colors and it was just so pretty to look at!

Sledding/Tubing at Snow Day LA

So our game plan for the night was to wait to do the sledding later in the night after the more of the families left.

We also figured a lot of people would come in and do sledding first thing.

So we were waiting for shorter lines.

I believe the entry tickets were timed to help space out when everyone was arriving.

But once you were in you could stay as long as you wanted.

It definitely helped keep the slide lines in check.

There were 2 or 3 different slides which were all different.

You go down them in an innertube.

The slide itself was like white turf to look like snow.

It was all decorated, including with lights.

Since we went to this event before we were blogging, we don’t have as much photo and video content as we would have liked.

But we did manage to get at least one picture of a slide!

snow tubing and sledding at Snow Day LA under a light up slide

Since the slides were doubles like this, we were both able to go down at the same time. Which was fun so we could race.

After going on all the slides, we got one last picture with this giant penguin because it was just so cute!

the letters of the word penguin arranged like the hollywood sign
photo op of a giant penguin in glasses, a scar, and a beanie

Bob’s Big Boy

The very last thing, like I mentioned before was getting more food before leaving.

We tried some pasta from a food truck and shared it as we walked back to our car.

Our favorite tradition when going to events in and around LA is stopping at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank which is open 24/7.

We always at least get a hot fudge cake, but if we’re hungrier we’ll have a full meal too.

Usually we’ll get chili spaghetti, but we’ll try pretty much anything on the menu depending on our mood.

Another must, especially during Winter is some hot chocolate!

It gets VERY cold at night in LA and no matter how many layers you wear, the only way to really stay warm is with a cup of hot chocolate!

More Local Winter Holiday Events To Do Instead

If you’re looking for more places to explore throughout the Winter Holiday season, there is plenty to do in Southern California.

Night of Lights OC / Winter Fest

This drive-thru event is at the Orange County Fairgrounds and is as immersive as it gets.

There’s snow, food, drinks, photo ops, and of course, Santa!

Winter Fest OC

LA Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow

Another great evening event for the holidays is checking out the Christmas lights at the LA Zoo.

There’s even a handful of animals that will still be out at night.

LA Zoo Lights - Winter Wonderland Series

Other Cool Things To Do In The LA Area

Elysian Park is located not too far from the Griffith Park area, which has a ton of other things to do.

☑️ Griffith Observatory Hike

On this small group hike you’ll take in views from the Griffith Observatory.

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☑️ The Original Hollywood Sign Tour

On this small group tour, you’ll take in views of the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park.

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Conclusion: Snow Day LA

So that’s it for Snow Day LA!

Again, as of right now there are no plans to bring back this event, but stay tuned.

You never know what could happen.

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Snow Day LA