Venustas Heated Jacket & Vest Review: Men’s + Women’s (2024)

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Want to know if the Venustas heated jackets and vests are worth it? We’ve got you covered with all of our thoughts, experiences, and final conclusions for both the men’s and women’s options!

We were recently gifted a Venustas heated jacket and heated vest, in exchange for our HONEST review of their product.

JP opted for the top-selling Venustas Men’s Jacket and I opted for the just as popular Women’s Classic Heated Vest.

These are perfect for camping, hiking in National Parks, and even just to run errands at home when it’s cold!

JP wearing a black Venustas men's heated jacket and myself wearing a black Venustas women's heated vest

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Venustas Heated Jacket & Vest Review

Heated jackets are a popular wish list item, but are generally more expensive than your typical jacket or coat, so most people never take the plunge.

But how important is warmth and comfort to you?

Or why bring 2-3 layers of coats and jackets when you can just bring your 1 heated jacket?

It’s just more practical if your objective is to be warm.

The only caveat I have to this is that if you’re using it for sledding or something where you’re rolling around in the snow or out in the rain, then I don’t recommend heated jackets.

You don’t want the battery pack or cords to get wet.

Here are some more specifics on the pros and cons of the jackets and a little bit about how they work.

Men’s Heated Jacket

Now for the men’s heated jacket specifically.

JP’s first impression was that it was warm and comfortable.

The first day he wore it out it was about 40 degrees throughout the day and he liked that even when he would get out of the car, he was just as warm as if he was still inside.

JP in a Venustas Men's Heated Jacket

It’s like being immune to the cold and he HATES the cold after living in Southern California for 50+ years and being in Ohio now.

In particular, he likes that he heat is all throughout the jacket and being able to change the level of warmth as needed.

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Venustas men's heated jacket in black - laid out on the floor

Women’s Heated Vest

Now for the women’s heated vest specifically.

My very first impression once the battery pack was plugged in is that the heat on the back of the collar is just perfection.

The collar goes all the way up my neck and it’s fleece!

Then, the heat inside the pockets for my hands – oh my gosh.

myself wearing the Venustas Women's Heated Vest

I’m always just slightly chilly and those 2 things alone are heaven and worth the price.

As I wore the jacket longer I felt the heat fill all the way through down my back and it’s just so cozy.

Even just to wear at home when I’m working.

Remember when Snuggies were the biggest thing?

This is like that, but a bit more practical when you have things to get done.

Now I’m generally not a vest person because if I’m cold, I’m covering up my whole body.

And when I first put the vest on I felt like I was getting stuffed inside a life vest.

But once that heat turned on the rest didn’t matter.

It’s like having a portable heating pad.

Since the jacket goes all the way down to my hips, the pockets are perfectly situated over my lower abdomen to use as a portable heating pad when I have cramps.

I don’t know if it’s one of those happy accidents or if it was intentional, but for those of us that struggle with that, it’s life changing.

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Venustas women's heated vest in black - laid out on the floor

Heated Jacket & Vest Pros

Here are my pros of the Venustas heated jackets and vests so far.

✔️ 12 month limited warranty

This warranty covers any brand new product you buy from Venustas whether it’s direct or through a site like Amazon.

It’s good for one year for any defect or malfunction of the heated electronic components from the date of purchase.

When you get your jacket delivered, the user manual has directions for registering for the warranty on the very first page, so be sure to do that right away.

By the way, the warranty does not cover regular wear and tear or any commercial use of the jackets.

✔️ Simple Instructions

The set up instructions were easy to follow and the learning curve was pretty quick.

Once I did it once for JP’s jacket, it was much quicker and easier to get my vest all ready to go.

It was also easy to teach JP how to do it himself once I had done it a couple of times.

✔️ The obvious: it’s SO warm!

I love heat and warmth.

Some of my favorite things are campfires, fireplaces, hot tubs, bubble baths, hot showers, and the sun.

I love to be warm, but the universe does not always cooperate.

Having a heat source inside my vest helps me get warmer even faster and stay warm when I wear it out.

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Heated Jacket & Vest Cons

Honestly, the only cons I could come up with are not really deal breakers.

They are more so just parameters on when I’d choose to wear the heated jacket vs just a regular coat.

✔️ Lack of Water Resistance

Like any other electronic, you don’t want to get the battery pack or cords wet.

So if it’s cold and rainy, I wouldn’t wear this jacket or vest.

If it’s cold and snowing or I want to take my nieces and nephews sledding, I wouldn’t wear this jacket or vest.

Since you’ll want to avoid moisture I wouldn’t use this to sleep in when camping in the cold because you’ll likely sweat through into the battery pack pocket.

Maybe you could drape it over you or something and just keep it on low.

It’s similar to how you “shouldn’t” sleep with a heating pad, but we all do it (right?).

✔️ Effort to wear

It’s so simple to just open the coat closet and pull out whatever coat or jacket or sweatshirt seems best for the weather (and your outfit) and walk out the door.

But with heated jackets, if you want to use the heat feature you’ll have to be sure you charged the battery in advance and it’s charged enough to last for as long as you need.

It’s an extra step that is just enough of a slight inconvenience to make it not a “go-to” jacket, but definitely not a deal breaker – we’re not THAT lazy!

✔️ A lot of safety instructions to keep in mind

I will say, for us personally, the vast majority of the guidelines are not super relevant to how we would use the jackets anyway, but in the bigger scope of things I think quite a few of them would apply to many other situations.

Here are a handful of them to get an idea of what I mean:

❌ Do not use with an infant, child, helpless person, or anyone insensitive to heat, such as a person with poor blood circulation.

❌ Do not use pins on apparel because it could damage the electrical wiring (think celebration buttons at Disney World during those couple weeks in the winter when it’s actually in the 40s).

❌ Never wear if inner liner is wet.

❌ Heating elements are not recommended to touch bare skin.

❌ Do not allow the cords to be pinched.

❌ Do not store the battery pack together with metal objects due to a short circuit risk.

How Venustas Jackets and Vests Work

All jackets and vests will come with super simple directions on how to get them heated.

When you first unbox your delivery, you’ll want to unpack the small box that holds the battery pack, cord, and plug.

Then just plug it in and let it charge up while you read all the directions, FAQs, and try on your jacket to make sure it fits properly.

Once your battery pack is charged, test it out!

Plug it into your jacket or vest and tuck it away in the pocket.

Hold down the Venustas logo button on the chest area for a few seconds and you’ll see it start flashing red.

This means it’s warming up.

Once it’s warmed up, you can keep tapping the button to change the setting.

Red = high
White = medium
Blue = low

Then, when you’re ready to turn it off, hold down the button for a few seconds and the light will go off.

Remember to always unplug and remove the battery pack when you’re not actively using it.

? Battery Life

The standard jackets and vests come with the 7.4V battery, which lasts for several hours, depending on how you’re using it.

High: about 131℉, lasts 2.5 – 3 hours
Medium: about 113℉, lasts 5 – 6 hours,
Low: about 100℉, 9 – 9.5 hours

You’ll know which level you have the battery on based off of the color that lights up on the jacket.

Pre-heat and high are both red (pre-heat blinks though), medium is white, and low is blue.

Some newer products have longer lasting batteries and I believe you can purchase a stronger battery pack, but the vast majority of the time it’s really not necessary unless you’re going off-grid for days at a time with no power sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heated Jackets

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve seen about these heated jackets and just heated apparel in general.

It’s a lot simpler and straightforward than you might think!

✅ Can you take a heated jacket on a plane?

Yes, with just one exception!

The battery pack contains a lithium battery though, so you’ll have to keep that on you or in your carry-on.

You cannot put the battery pack in a checked bag unfortunately.

✅ Can you wash heated jackets?


You can hand wash or machine wash the heated jackets and vests.

If you’re going to use a washer, you’ll want to use a laundry bag so that the washer does not damage the cable that is inside the pocket.

Use code HIDDENGEMS for 15% off when you order your laundry bag (and any other products) directly through Venustas.

When drying the jackets and vests you’ll want to air dry them.

Don’t dry them in the dryer!

Be sure it’s completely dry before plugging in the battery pack again.

✅ Are heated jackets safe?

In general, yes.

There are a couple circumstances where it may not be safe for you, but you can always check with your doctor first.

For example, if you have a cardiac device, check with your doctor or pacemaker manufacturer before you get your jacket or vest.

Additionally, for anybody using these heated jackets and vests, always make sure it is completely dry before turning on the heat!

Get your Venustas heated jackets and vests!
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Conclusion: Venustas Heated Jacket & Vest Review

As long as you or your household don’t fit into the few limitations that heated apparel has, I highly recommend trying these out if you’ve been thinking about it.

Not only are they great for when you’re vacationing somewhere cold, like your dream cruise to Alaska, but they are so practical to wear around the house.

The added benefit of the jacket and vest being like a portable heating pad is great for cramps, sore muscles, or any other aches and pains that you would normally use heat to treat.