Why You Need Expert Translation Services When You Travel

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Want to know everything there is to know about using expert translation services when you travel? We’ve got you covered!

Why You Need Expert Translation Services When You Travel

A well seasoned traveler knows that every effort should be made to learn the local language of wherever they happen to be traveling.

However, there is a difference between learning conversational language and learning proper written language.

It is simple enough to practice a foreign language so you can communicate your basic needs, but what if you experience some sort of emergency where you might need translation services?

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Personal Translation Services

When traveling anywhere, especially a destination with a local language foreign to yours, it is best to be as prepared as possible.

The vast majority of the time, you may never have an emergency, whether it’s medical, legal, or something else.

But wouldn’t it be nice to know that you know exactly what to do if or when those emergencies arise?

For example, let’s say you had an injury while on vacation and now you have all these medical documents in a foreign language that you can’t read.

There are services available 24/7 like Day Translations that will translate those documents for you.

They even offer interpreters in case you have to communicate directly with someone who does not speak your language.

Some sort of legal emergency could come up as well where you might need a translator or interpreter.

In either case, you’ll just want to keep Day Translations in the back of your mind.

Or better yet, have their website, phone number, and any other information written down on something you’ll be carrying with you at all times.

Maybe keep it in a page of your passport or in your wallet so you have it accessible to you whenever you may need it.

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Business Translation Services

Now let’s look at it from the business perspective in the travel industry!

It is hard for a business to thrive today in this industry if they only cater to speakers of one language.

Luckily, there are services out there to help large and small business owners make these accommodations.

Linguistically Diverse Geographic Regions

Let’s say I just opened a small travel agency where I live in Anaheim, California.

My husband and I both speak English fluently and between the two of us we have a very basic reading level in Spanish, Italian, and French.

Just within our own city, only 40% of the residents speak English as their first language!

Right there, we have already isolated 60% of our local audience because we cannot communicate with them.

This is where a service like Day Translations comes in.

They can translate any digital or physical content into whatever languages we need so that we don’t lose out on potential business.

Additionally, the neighborhood next to us was just recently designated as Little Arabia due to the number of businesses and residents that are from that area and speak Arabic.

On top of that, the next town over, Garden Grove, speaks mostly Vietnamese and other Asian languagews.

So if we expand our business beyond Anaheim, there are even more foreign language barriers we’ll come across.

Some of the things that the average business would need translated include:

  • Brochures
  • Public Transportation Guides
  • Marketing Content
  • Menus
  • Travel Guides
  • Audiovisual Material (aka Subtitles)
  • Maps
  • Tour Leaflets
  • Flight Information
  • Web Content
  • Itinerary/Schedule

In our case, we would want to have everything translated into Spanish since more people in Anaheim speak Spanish than English.

In addition, about 12-15% of the population speaks various Asian languages.

Mostly Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, and Chinese.

So we would want to have our information available in those languages as well.

And this is just to cover our local audience!

Attracting an International Audience

If you’re located in the Midwest, most businesses would probably only need to have information available in 2-3 languages tops to reach their local audiences.

They would only need to add more languages if they’re trying to grow their business and attract an international audience or an audience from a more linguistically diverse area.

With world travel opening back up, this might just be the thing that will set you apart from your competitors!

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Popular Travel Destinations Where You Might Need Translation Services

You may not have to travel as far as you think to need translation services when you travel.

There are so many destinations right here in the US where you may need help with translating something if English is the only language you know.

Here are some of the more popular destinations that you are likely to visit at some point where you want to make sure you have Day Translations readily available just in case.

☑️ Miami, Florida

If you don’t know Spanish you may run into some difficulties with every day activities or with medical or legal situations I mentioned above.

Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Miami, Florida
Versailles Cuban Restaurant

☑️ Tucson, Arizona

Being as close as it is to the Mexican border, there is a high Spanish speaking population here.

Ensenada Street Tacos in Tucson, Arizona

☑️ Southern California

From San Diego, through Orange County, and up into LA, there are a ton of different languages spoken.

Spanish is definitely a popular one, but so are a lot of the Asian languages.

Depending on the city and the neighborhood you’re visiting, Day Translations could be very useful to have throughout your stay.

☑️ The Hawai’ian Islands

When visiting any of the Hawai’ian islands, you’ll see the Hawai’ian language to some extent.

You may even come across locals who speak Pidgin which is sort of like a local dialect derived from Hawai’ian.

Kind of like French Creole in Louisiana is different from the French spoken in France or other places around the world.

You also get other Pacific Islanders that may speak languages like Samoan, Tagalog, or Japanese.

Leleiwi Overlook in Haleakala National Park on Maui

☑️ New Orleans, Louisiana

Speaking of French Creole…

In New Orleans (and really any area of Louisiana), you may come across some areas where you’ll need help with translation services.

Not only is French Creole popular here, but so is French, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, Hungarian, and Croatian!

Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana

By having expert translation services when you travel, you’ll be prepared for any sort of medical, legal, or other emergency you may come across by being able to communicate with anybody and translate any sort of documents you may need to sign.

Conclusion: Why You Need Expert Translation Services When You Travel

Now you know why you need expert translation services when you travel whether it’s for business or pleasure.

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