The 11 Best Chinese Restaurants In Anaheim (2024)

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Want to know where all the best Chinese restaurants in Anaheim are? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!

Best Chinese Restaurants in Anaheim

Anaheim has just about every type of cuisine you can imagine.

There are a ton of mom and pop Chinese restaurants that each other a different style of food.

These are the best Chinese restaurants in Anaheim!

1. Mayflower Dumpling Express

Location: 401 S Magnolia Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804

Mayflower Dumpling Express is my go-to Chinese restaurant in Anaheim.

One of my favorite dishes is the XLB, which is an 8 piece pork soup dumpling.

Another favorite is the Mini Buns. These are 6 piece pork buns that you can get pan-fried or steamed.

2. Ma’s Dumpling House 

Location: 627 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801

Ma’s Dumpling House is open daily from 11 am – 9 pm.

They have a massive menu of pretty much every type of Chinese dish you could think of.

Of course they’re known for their homemade dumplings and I highly recommend their Juicy Pork Dumplings.

They have a variety of other dumpling options here too like Chinese Leek and Pork, Lamb and Onion, Shrimp and Pork, Fish, and Vegetable Dumplings.

I also highly recommend their orange chicken with a side of rice.

3. Jo Won Noodle House 

Location: 928 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801

Jo Won Noodle House has a lot of Szechuan style dishes like cabbage soup, eggplant, shredded pork, beef, chicken, scallops, and fish fillet.

If you like wings, you can get a 12, 16, 25, or 50 piece order of fried wings.

4. 18 Folds

Location: 430 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

18 Folds is a modern, Chinese fusion restaurant.

The restaurant setting is beautiful with its lantern lights .

They are open for dinner 5 pm – 10 pm Mondays through Wednesdays and lunch and dinner from 12 pm – 10 pm Thursdays through Sundays.

Boba cocktails are a popular menu option, and there are alcohol-free mocktail options as well.

Hot Honey Fried Chicken is a popular dish served with steamed buns where you build your dish yourself.

So you can add whichever sauces, glazes, garlic, pickles, etc to perfect your fried chicken steamed bun.

Lastly, Spicy Shrimp Wontons are the perfect appetizer for those who enjoy spicy food.

18 Folds Chinese Restaurant at Anaheim Packing House

5. Ho-Toy’s Chinese Food

Location: 734 S State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806

Ho-Toy’s is an Asian Fusion restaurant in Anaheim.

They are open daily from 11 am – 9 pm.

Ho-Toy’s offers all the classic Chinese dishes you would expect to see.

An interesting menu item I’m looking forward to trying on my next visit is the Egg Flower Soup.

What’s nice about their menu is you can create your own quick plate with 1, 2, or 3 item combos.

So you don’t have to try to choose just one thing!

6. China Kitchen

Location: 1830 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

China Kitchen serves fresh Chinese food using locally sourced ingredients.

Their menu offers classic Chinese dishes, plus the Americanized dishes.

They have over 50 locations around the US, including 5 in California.

We don’t normally highlight chain restaurants that you can “get anywhere”, but these locations are so spread out and in smaller areas, that we feel this place still has a local feel to it.

 7. Lantern Garden

Location: 170 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805

Lantern Garden offers all the classic Chinese dishes, plus combo meals so you don’t have to choose just one.

Their most popular menu items include Orange Chicken, Chicken Wings, Chicken Chow Mein, and Vegetable Egg Rolls.

8. China Wall

Location: 2241 W Ball Road, Anaheim, CA 92804

China Wall is actually our neighborhood classic Chinese restaurant.

You get very generous portions at a very reasonable price.

Some reviews even claim that this is THE best Chinese food in all of Orange County.

9. China King

Location: 3456 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

China King serves fresh Chinese food daily.

They are one of the few Chinese restaurants I’ve come across that also provide nutritional info on their dishes, which can be quite important for some, especially those with health issues.

They have a large menu with pretty much everything you could think of – soup, fried rice, lo mein, chow mein, mei fun, egg foo young, combination plates, and chef specialties.

10. Rolling Boil

Location: 440 S Anaheim Blvd, Unit 103, Anaheim, CA 92805

Rolling Boil is a Chinese restaurant at the Anaheim Packing District, which is a popular local food hall.

Rolling Boil is a hot pot restaurant with a twist.

If you love spicy food, ask for their ghost pepper extract drops.

For beer lovers, they also have Asian craft beers.

They are open Monday through Friday from 5 pm – 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm – 9 pm.

11. Far East Garden

Location: 420 N Lakeview Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807

Far East Garden is a Thai and Chinese restaurant.

They are open 10:30 am – 3:15 pm on Mondays, 10:30 am – 8 pm Tuesday through Friday, and 11 am – 8 pm on Saturdays.

Sundays they are closed.

Their popular Chinese dishes are Cashew Chicken and Chow Mein.

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The Best Chinese Food Around The US

Every destination has their own local Chinese restaurants and these are more we’ve found around the US that we love to visit.

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How We Find The Best Chinese Food in Anaheim

*UPDATED 3/29/2023: Originally this blog post was about Kung Pao House, a Chinese restaurant in Anaheim.

This restaurant has since closed, so we updated this post to highlight other Chinese restaurants in Anaheim instead.

But some of the information from the previous blog post is still relevant, so I decided to keep it here for now!

There are several things we look for when deciding on a new restaurant to try.

We don’t actually just pick any restaurant on the top of any particular list.

We definitely check out their reviews, their website, their social media, and just the overall feeling we get from them.

Sometimes the restaurants we pick aren’t always the most recommended or highly rated, but they have a particular menu item we want to try or are just the most convenient place offering whatever we’re craving.

Kung Pao House - Anaheim, CA - How To Find The Best Chinese Food

In this case, I checked Google Maps to see what Chinese restaurants were near me.

From there I checked Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Our biggest deciding factor this time was that the restaurant had to offer wonton soup and it had to be in or near Anaheim because we were starving and did not want to go on an hour long trek in search of food.

Kung Pao House stood out to us the most, so we decided to check it out.

It’s not very big, but they seem to get a lot of business with deliveries, so it works.

Along the walls are all booths, which is where we opted to sit.

We just had water to drink, but they did have a lot of drink specials, mostly for beer.

War Wonton Soup

Kung Pao House - Anaheim, CA - How To Find The Best Chinese Food
War Wonton Soup

So now for the food!

Of course we started off with War Wonton Soup since that was the whole reason we were there.

I generally prefer just plain Wonton Soup because the broth and the wontons are always my favorite part of it, but this place only happened to offer War Wonton Soup, which was fine with us.

Every component of this soup was yummy from the pork, to the chicken, to the broccoli.

It was more than enough to feed us both, so it is definitely worth the price.

It is definitely a great starter option.

We usually get pot stickers as well, but they happened to be out that day.

We always end up with leftovers at Chinese restaurants anyway, so we didn’t really need them.

Pork Fried Rice and Chicken Chow Mein

Kung Pao House - Anaheim, CA -Pork Fried Rice
Pork Fried Rice

Now onto our main course!

We always love to try the fried rice and chow mein at any Chinese restaurant we visit.

Usually we like to add chicken or pork, so for this meal we did one of each. We decided to go with Pork Fried Rice and Chicken Chow Mein.

The pork was different from what I’m used to, but I loved it.

The texture and the flavor of the pork was so great on its own, and the fried rice just elevated it even more.

I definitely recommend adding a little bit of soy sauce (don’t overdo it, I know that’s easy to do).

That extra little bit of flavor gives it a nice boost.

Kung Pao House - Anaheim, CA - How to Find the Best Chinese Food
Chicken Chow Mein

Next, I tried the Chicken Chow Mein.

I LOVE these noodles so much.

Pasta is my passion and I could eat it every single day, so of course I loved this too.

Between the two of us, we ate maybe half of these before we were so full that we just couldn’t finish it.

We actually love this about Chinese restaurants because it’s usually cheaper than any other table service restaurant and the portions are so big that it always feeds us the following day too.

Conclusion: Best Chinese Restaurants in Anaheim

There are so many places to choose from, but these were the best Chinese restaurants in Anaheim.

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The Best Chinese Food and How To Find It