Pumpkin Nights At Pomona Fairplex (2023)

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Want to know the best way to experience Pumpkin Nights at Pomona Fairplex? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!




Pumpkin Nights At Pomona Fairplex

Pumpkin Nights was an event that was held at the LA County Fairgrounds (aka Fairplex) all season long.

It consisted of a pumpkin trail, live entertainment, food and drinks, and games for the little ones.

Pumpkin Nights also featured a “Quest” that you can print out or pull up on your phone.

You have to find a specific item in each of the 7 lands in the pumpkin trail to complete the Quest.

Pumpkin Nights at Pomona Fairplex

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Themed Areas of Pumpkin Nights

All of the areas of the pumpkin trail were themed to different things and designed with a certain “spirit”:

✅ Forbidden Pumpkin City = Spirit of Passion

✅ Great Pumpkin Hall = Spirit of Light

✅ Pumpkin Pirate Cove = Spirit of Adventure

✅ Pumpkin Reef = Spirit of Exploration

✅ Maravilla Lane = Spirit of Family

✅ Enchanted Pumpkin Forest = Spirit of Imagination

✅ Monster Mash = Spirit of Play.

Pumpkin Nights at Pomona Fairplex

Photo Ops at Pumpkin Nights

So when you first enter, there are lots of photo ops.

They have a big entrance sign and they have this stack of pumpkins.

Pumpkin Nights Photo Op

Once you pass this area there are a handful of food trucks and booths with all kinds of different food.

There was a Mexican food station that added some photo op spots too which were cute.

photo ops

The Pumpkin Trail at Pumpkin Nights

After we ate we decided to make our way to the pumpkin trail and go on our quest!

Once inside, my favorite area was the Pumpkin Pirate Cove.

Most, if not all, lands had interactive games for kids in addition to being able to complete the quest.

The Forbidden Pumpkin City and Maravilla Lane lands each embraced different cultures, which was a cool added experience to the pumpkin trail.

Now for some honorable mentions from Pumpkin Reef and Enchanted Pumpkin Forest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Pumpkin Nights at Pomona Fairplex.

✔️ Is Pumpkin Nights At Pomona Fairplex Still Open?

Unfortunately, Pumpkin Nights at Pomona Fairplex has not been in this area since before covid.

If you live in or plan to visit Austin, Texas or Dallas, Texas during the Fall, they have Pumpkin Nights in those cities still.

✔️ What Else Is There To Do Besides Pumpkin Nights In Southern California?

There are so many Fall events and festivals in Southern California that I couldn’t possibly list them all here.

Some of our favorites include Nights of the Jack at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, Roger’s Gardens Halloween Boutique in Corona Del Mar, and Carved at Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge.

Additionally, there are some haunted hay rides, pumpkin patches, and Fall festivals all throughout the area.

I recommend checking out our things to do in Southern California in the Fall blog post for a more comprehensive list.

✔️ What Is At Pomona Fairplex Now Since Pumpkin Nights Is Closed?

There are several weekend events that come through Pomona Fairplex throughout the Fall season, but the main events take place in October.

Throughout the month of October there are 2 huge events that are a must-do.

The first is “Fearplex Presents Lights Out“.

There are 3 haunted mazes, a spooky wax museum, a scary graveyard, and several horror themed eGames.

The other must-do event is Oktoberfest on weekends in October.

It’s exactly what you would expect from an Oktoberfest event and it’s one of only a few in all of Southern California.

Additionally, later in the Fall season, throughout the month of November, there are more Fall home and farm themed events going on during several weekends.

Other Local Halloween Events In Southern California

If you’re looking for more places to explore throughout the Halloween season, there is plenty to do in Southern California!

These are our favorite Fall events that we like to go to year after year.

☑️ Nights of the Jack Halloween Event in Calabasas, CA

This night time event at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas is fun for everyone.

It’s got a pumpkin trail, which is the highlight of the event, plus food trucks and a “spookeasy”.

This is also a popular place to spot celebrities throughout the Fall season.

Nights of the Jack at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, California

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☑️ Carved at Descanso Gardens

This family friendly night time event is hosted in La Canada Flintridge, in the area surrounding Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank.

Descanso Gardens is most known for their Christmas lights, though they are now delving in to the spooky season too.

Descanso Gardens Main Lawn Pumpkin House

☑️ Roger’s Gardens Witching Hour Halloween Boutique

This plant nursery in Corona Del Mar, near Newport Beach, has been transforming it’s Halloween boutique for several years now.

In the boutique you’ll find tons of Halloween decor and props.

Each year it gets a new theme and the theme for 2023 is The Witching Hour.

Some previous themes include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Cabinet of Curiosities, A Pirates Life For Me, and my personal favorite, Malice In Wonderland.

Roger's Gardens Halloween Boutique
2022 Theme: Nightmare Before Christmas

Other Fun Things To Do In The Area

If you’re looking for other activities that are in the Pomona Fairplex vicinity, one of our favorite lesser known places to go is the Nixon Library.

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

See the house Richard Nixon grew up in, plus explore the highs and lows of his life in this interactive museum.

There are also usually special exhibits that come and go a few times throughout the year as well.

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Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California

Conclusion: Pumpkin Nights At Pomona Fairplex

Pumpkin Nights at Pomona Fairplex is permanently closed, but still operates in Austin and Dallas, Texas.

There are plenty of other fun Fall festivities in the Southern California area to explore during this fun season.