Is Malibu Wine Safari Open? (2024)

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Have you been wondering, “is Malibu Wine Safari open”? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!

Is Malibu Wine Safari Open?



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Malibu Wine Safari

In 2019, the famous Malibu Wine Safari introduced an all new tour called Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights that ran all Fall Season in the evenings.

It was epic!

It has always been a popular daytime attraction, especially for bachelor/bachelorette type get togethers.

This was their first venture (that I know of) into nighttime entertainment.

Is Malibu Wine Safari Permanently Closed?


More Local Halloween Events To Do Instead

If you’re looking for more places to explore throughout the Halloween season, there is plenty to do in Southern California!

✅ Nights of the Jack Halloween Event in Calabasas, CA

This nighttime event at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas is fun for everyone.

It’s got a pumpkin trail, which is the highlight of the event, plus food trucks and a “spookeasy”.

Nights of the Jack in Calabasas, California

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✅ Carved at Descanso Gardens

This nighttime event is hosted in La Canada Flintridge, in the area surrounding Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank.

Descanso Gardens is most known for their Christmas lights, though they are now delving in to Halloween lights now.

Descanso Gardens Main Lawn Pumpkin House
Descanso Gardens Main Lawn Pumpkin House

Roger’s Gardens Nightmare Halloween Boutique

This plant nursery in Corona Del Mar, near Newport Beach, has been transforming it’s Halloween boutique for several years now.

Each year it gets a new theme and the theme for 2023 is The Witching Hour.

Roger's Gardens Halloween Boutique

Other Fun Things To Do In Malibu

Here are some activities you can do around Malibu during the day that are also wine related!

☑️ Small Group Malibu Wine Hike

This is a 2 mile loop hike where you get to enjoy the scenery at your own pace.

Explore the private vineyard, find old cave paintings by the local Chumash people, and check out the vineyard’s organic garden.

Best of all, you get a bottle of wine to go at the end!

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☑️ VW Bus Wine Tour

If you’d rather ride around in style, I recommend the VW Bus Wine Tour.

This tour accommodates up to 6 people, so it’s best for small groups.

This 3 hour tour will take you around to local wineries!

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Malibu Wine Safari’s Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights

The way the safari works is that you drive to about 5 different stops and each stop is themed.

You also get to try 1-2 different wines at each stop.

We opted for the premium wine tour, which was a little pricier, but worth it.

It included an extra stop and we were able to get refills, which was a great bonus.

Especially when you find a wine you love.

We had really awesome guides with us and there were lots of great photo ops throughout the whole experience.

We highly recommend this as a date night or a group event.

If you get enough people to fill the whole safari truck, even better!

In the picture below it looks like each safari truck holds up to 20 people.

Malibu Wine Safari - Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights - Safari Truck

Stop #1 on Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights

So the first stop on our safari was at the bottom of a huge hill and it looked like an old abandoned park with a little carousel.

These little orbs were all over the trees and grass. It made a really cool effect.

Malibu Wine Safari Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights Halloween Decor Blue Orbs

These next 2 photos show a really cool comparison.

Both of them are taken in the same spot with the carousel in the background.

One used flash and the other didn’t.

The one with flash you can hardly tell there were any spooky decorations added.

Stop #2 on Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights

Our second stop was a little different.

It was set up more like a backyard garden with fountains and benches and a cute bridge.

We tried a couple more wines at this stop and spent some time taking more photos.

Also by now you can probably tell that it gets pretty chilly up in the hills at night.

I had on a sweater and a coat to stay warm.

I also double layered my socks with my boots.

We both even had gloves in our pockets just in case.

I’m always freezing though.

Most other people had at least a coat with them.

A select few however decided to go with style over comfort because that Instagram photo was way more important to them.

Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights - Malibu Wine Safari

Stops #3 & #4 on Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights

I somehow managed to not have any photos from our 3rd stop.

But this one was set up more like a haunted trail.

The safari truck dropped us off, we filled up our wine glasses with a new wine, and we were on our way.

The two stops after this though are tied for my favorite.

The first is the light tunnel.


I could’ve spent all night there.

We were able to get some cool videos of the lights too.

Stop #5 on Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights

Our final stop was a little more well lit and had the most photo ops in my opinion.

It was an old haunted trailer park that you could explore.

Some of the trailers you could even go inside.

We also had a couple more wines and had the opportunity to finish off our favorites.

Malibu Lights: Haunted Nights - Malibu Wine Safari - Bob's Big Boy statue

What’s funny about this photo is that whenever we go to LA, we usually stop at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank on our way home.

Especially if it is later in the evening.

I believe it is open 24 hours and we always always always get the hot fudge sundae.

If we’re actually in the mood for a meal I like to get the chili spaghetti.

It’s not quite like Skyline Chili, but it’ll do.

This happened to be one of those nights where we stopped at Bob’s Big Boy for a late night dinner and dessert.

Conclusion: Is Malibu Wine Safari Open?

Again, Malibu Wine Safari has permanently closed!

You can check out the other seasonal event they used to hold as well, called Malibu Lights: Winter Nights.