Why You Should Attend A Las Vegas Timeshare Presentation in 2024

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Want to find out the perks of attending a Las Vegas timeshare presentation? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about this secretive industry!

Attending a timeshare presentation on your trip to Las Vegas can be a controversial topic.

Timeshares are notorious for lying, scheming, and taking advantage of people.

However, if you actually want a timeshare, there are some great companies out they where you will get a great return on your investment.

But maybe you’re just going to the presentation for the freebie.

And that’s okay too!

While that’s also controversial, we also support this stance and recommend it!

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Why You Should Attend A Vegas Timeshare Presentation

Attending a Vegas timeshare presentation can help you save money on your trip by getting a free hotel stay or vouchers for free activities and food while you’re in town.

Not every place is the same, so I’ll break down some different Vegas timeshare presentations we’ve attended in the past couple years.

Is it worth sitting through a Vegas timeshare presentation?

In exchange for a couple hours of your time, you can get hundreds of dollars worth of freebies that can help you enjoy your trip to Vegas even more.

The best part about attending these presentations is that you are under no obligation to buy anything and you’ll still get your freebies without purchasing anything.

Everyone values their time differently, so the answer to this question depends on you.

This may not be for you if your trip is packed from sun up to sun down.

But if you’re in Vegas on a tight budget and you’re trying to do as much as possible for the least amount as possible, then this is worth it.

Can anyone attend a Vegas timeshare presentation?

Every company has different rules, but for the most part, any adult can attend a timeshare presentation.

There are a few very important stipulations though.

If you are legally married, you CANNOT attend a timeshare presentation unless your spouse is with you.

Even if you know you’re not going to buy anything.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you also CANNOT attend a timeshare presentation until you are sober.

Even if you know you’re not going to buy anything.

If you have friends or family or kids with you, for the most part, everyone can attend.

I sat in on timeshare presentations with my dad before when I was in middle school and high school and at the time my youngest sister was in elementary school and we had no issues.

✔️ Income Qualifications

What they don’t tell you is that most timeshare presentations have a requirement for a particular household income.

Generally it’s $75,000 a year or more.

The “sales” person on the street that will try to lure you in won’t tell you this.

You usually find this out when you’re checking in for your presentation and signing paperwork.

I can’t legally tell you to lie on paperwork, but many attendees will check all the boxes whether it’s true or not.

Why You Should Attend a Vegas Timeshare Presentation

How Do You Get Invited To A Timeshare Presentation?

There are several ways this can come about.

Sometimes Las Vegas timeshare promotions are done before you even make it to town.

You may get marketing emails or phone calls offering you a 3 night stay at various Las Vegas area hotels in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation.

Sometimes you may be approached at a shopping center or event where representatives of various timeshare programs offer various promotions in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation when you get to Las Vegas.

Additionally, once you’re already in Las Vegas, you may be approached on the street or as you enter hotels or shopping centers.

We’ve had every single one of these approaches at some point in the past 5+ years or so and there’s not really one way that’s better than another to get the best freebies.

It really depends on what freebie matters to you most.

Usually if they’re contacting you in advance, the freebie is a hotel stay.

Then usually if you’re approached at the destination, the freebies include attractions around Las Vegas because you most likely already have a hotel you’re staying in.

How Vegas Timeshare Presentations Work

Let’s delve into that last bit a little more so that you have a better idea of how the sales side of timeshare businesses are run.

Your first interaction for a timeshare presentation will most likely be someone stopping you on the street or as you enter various casinos, resorts, and shopping malls throughout the Las Vegas Strip.

☑️ Qualifying Questions

These people will ask how long you’re in town to try to vet if you’ll be able to attend a presentation.

Then they’ll ask what kind of activities you’re looking to do while you’re in town to try to find something you want to do that they can offer a free voucher for in exchange for your time.

Many offer up to $200 dining vouchers and visa gift cards as well.

They’ll ask a couple qualifying questions like if you’re married, but that’s it.

Their one job is to get you into the presentation because that’s how they get their commission.

They get paid whether you end up buying or not.

So they don’t want to dig too deep and disqualify you.

This is why they never ask about the income until you’re checking in to your presentation.

☑️ Getting Your Freebies

A little trick though – you can negotiate with these people!

Their first offer or two aren’t their only offers.

You can always ask for more and see what they say.

One thing I will say though, is that it’s better to go for the cash/visa card, dining vouchers, or tickets for something while you’re in town that you can take advantage of immediately.

Many times they’ll offer a free 7 night stay somewhere or some other trip, but you have to jump through so many hoops to use those and they’re never free.

Usually there’s like a $100 deposit to activate your voucher and then when you go to book you can’t go during any holidays or peak travel seasons.

Additionally, you are usually having to pay taxes and fees as well and your “free” 7 night trip is really $500+.

This is still a good deal.

We’ve done those before, but you have to be VERY flexible in when and where you want to travel and have low expectations of the experience.

This is why I recommend sticking to cash, visa gift cards, dining vouchers, and activity tickets.

☑️ Attending Your Vegas Timeshare Presentation

So once you’ve negotiated your freebie and picked a time for your presentation, all you have to do is show up.

Most companies require a refundable deposit when you do this so you don’t ghost them.

They want their presentations full.

Usually it’s a $40 or $100 or less hold on your card and after you check in they release the funds.

You only get the freebie once you complete the presentation.

So you can’t show up and check in and collect your free stuff and walk out the door.

You have to listen to their spiel.

Usually it’s a one hour presentation.

Many times it’s more likely 2 hours until you’re out of there because some sales people try to hold you hostage if they know you’re just there for the freebie.

The more you engage and ask questions though, the bigger the hole you’ll dig and you can be there for 4+ hours.

Just say no if you’re not interested.

Don’t play games unless you’re okay with wasting more time.

☑️ Timeshare Sales

This part is very important.

Timeshares sales people have a HORRIBLE reputation.

The vast majority of them are rude, arrogant, and just downright nasty to you, especially in Las Vegas.

They will start off giving you their spiel about how they don’t pressure anybody, it’s just a meeting to show you your options, etc.

The second you start to say no, many of them will yell at you and tell you you’re stupid for passing up “such a good deal”.

So mentally prepare yourself for that kind of personal attack, because it does not feel good, and it can seriously ruin your entire day if you’re someone that takes things personally or is very sensitive.

The more you know going in, the easier it is.

I will also add it’s usually the men that are the worst.

I haven’t had a female sales person be anywhere near as nasty as the men.

☑️ Timeshare Sales Tactics From Different Companies

Also, some companies really are better than others as far as your sales experience.

Personally, Hilton Grand Vacations was a good experience.

Yes, they’re a little pushy and will keep trying to down sell you until you agree to something, but the guy I had was actually nice and was never insulting.

I was also 22 years old and by myself, so that might have made the difference.

Club Wyndham I would say is middle of the road.

They will definitely keep pushing and keep telling you you’ll regret passing up this deal, but they also have never crossed the line with personal attacks.

The one you really need to prepare yourself for is Diamond Resorts.

Hilton Grand Vacations just bought them out though, so you may not have to worry about them anymore.

But since this transition will take awhile to complete, you can expect that some of Diamond Resorts’ sales people could still be working for awhile.

Here is where we’ve had the worst experiences with sales people that will straight up lie and berate people the entire time.

☑️ How to say no at your Vegas timeshare presentation

I’ll first start off by saying everyone has different feelings about timeshares.

So if you are dead-set on never purchasing one, just say no when you attend the presentation.

Collect your freebies, then go on about your day.

You will probably have to say no about 20 times before they let you leave.

They’ll try to sell you a timeshare package, then they’ll try to sell you their lowest entry level package.

Then they’ll try to sell you their sampler package which is like a timeshare trial.

At the very end they’ll attempt to at least get you to sign up for their credit card and offer some kind of bonus.

You really can just say “no thanks, I’m not interested”.

Then they’ll keep asking you why or asking what would convince you to buy.

You are under no obligation to engage in this conversation, just so you know.

But if you’re a people pleaser and want to be nice about you can just say why.

You can say you’re just not looking right now or you can say you’re paying off student loans or credit card debt or a new car or something.

Maybe you can even say you’re looking to buy a house soon so you can’t have anything affecting your credit score.

You can make up anything you want or be as honest as you want. There really are no rules.

☑️ Things to consider if you’re thinking of buying a timeshare

If you are interested in a timeshare, they usually throw in even more freebies if you purchase.

With the pandemic, most companies are offering more deals because business is slow.

There are also several companies that offer trials if you don’t want to commit to a forever timeshare.

We’ve seen some as little as 2 years and some up to 10 years.

If you’ve got the money and you know you’re going to travel, I recommend these trial offers before fully committing and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read all the fine print.

Make sure you are clear on what you are agreeing to.

Many timeshare buyers experience buyer’s remorse when they realize they weren’t given the proper information.

BUT if you take the time to learn the ins and outs of using your timeshare it can be great.

Research various timeshare companies and join Facebook Groups of members of those timeshares to really learn how it works.

Sales people will tell you so many things that aren’t actually true in reality.

So it’s best to learn from those who actually do use it.

☑️ What happens if you don’t go to your Vegas timeshare presentation?

You may be thinking, “can you get out of a timeshare presentation”?

The answer is yes, sort of.

A couple of things will happen if you agree to go to a timeshare presentation and end up not showing up.

For one, whatever refundable deposit they took when you booked the presentation, you’re not getting that money back.

There may be extenuating circumstances where you can call the company and reschedule or cancel altogether, but be prepared for them to not make accommodations.

They aren’t legally required to give you your deposit back since you signed an agreement and timeshare companies are notoriously brutal to prospective buyers.

You may have luck contacting your credit card company or your bank, but I can’t make any promises.

Second, if you booked your vacation package as part of a timeshare presentation, they will charge you full price for the free or discounted accommodations they gave you.

Usually full price is even more than the room was actually going for when you booked it.

So you’ll be out a lot of money.

Las Vegas Timeshare Presentations

Actual Vegas Timeshare Presentations We’ve Attended

We visit Las Vegas so much and get bombarded with people begging us to attend timeshare presentations.

So every once in awhile we opt in either because we have the time, we want the freebies, or for this market research!

✅ Club Wyndham

The first Vegas timeshare presentation we attended was in August of 2020.

Just for attending we were offered:

  • 2 Tickets – High Roller Wheel at the LINQ (Valued at $75)

Of all the times we’ve been to Vegas we had never done the High Roller before.

We’re usually on a really tight budget.

So we’ve never splurged for this.

Now that we finally got free tickets we were able to go!

We went at night time so we could see all the lights on The Strip.

We were offered to attend a Vegas timeshare presentation by Club Wyndham because we were actually staying at the Club Wyndham Grand Desert resort right off the Strip.

My husband had a 7 night vacation voucher from when he worked for Wyndham Destinations the previous year and we decided to use it in Vegas for my birthday.

At this property, they won’t give you your room keys at check-in.

They send you over to the timeshare desk to try to get you into a presentation first.

✅ Diamond Resorts (Now Part Of Hilton Grand Vacations)

This Vegas timeshare presentation was also in August 2020 and here is what we were offered just for attending:

  • 2 Tickets – Outdoor Nighttime Gondola Ride at the Venetian ($72 Value)
  • 2 Tickets – Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas Wax Museum at the Venetian ($60 Value)
  • $200 Golden Nugget Dining Voucher ($200 Value)
  • Complimentary 5-7 Night Stay at our Destination of Choice ($1000+ Value)

We were stopped while entering the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian to attend this presentation.

Diamond Resorts desks are all over the Strip though and sometimes out on the sidewalk too.

This one was really pulling out all the stops to get people to attend their presentations.

When they offered all of this we just couldn’t say no.

During this trip the Las Vegas timeshare promotions really couldn’t be beat.

The 2 tickets for the Gondola rides were great.

We had never done this before because we were always on a budget.

In the middle of August it was too hot during the day to do it outside.

So we waited until it was dark and it was perfect.

The Wax Museum tickets were great too.

It gave us something indoors to do during the day and it was not busy at all.

The $200 Dining Voucher was awesome.

We used $175 of it at Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse on a dinner for two with wine.

We used the other $25 when we came back in October to have lunch at Claim Jumper.

With the vacation voucher, we can choose between 5 and 7 night stays when there is availability and they have destinations all over the US, Canada, and Mexico.

We can only book it within 60 days of travel.

We have up to one year to use it.


We used this voucher from our Vegas timeshare presentation to stay at Polo Towers around July 4th, 2021 and got a 2 bedroom unit for 5 nights because we brought my husband’s son and his friend.

We didn’t have to pay anything to use this voucher.

However, vouchers we’ve received on more recent presentations all have $100+ activation fees and are much more difficult to use than this first one was.

✅ Welk Resorts

This one we attended in October and was not actually in Las Vegas, but I wanted to share another timeshare presentation experience with another popular company.

We were stopped at the Outlets at Orange in Orange County, California to do this presentation.

The resort is in Southern California down near San Diego, and we stayed there the night before a Vegas vacation, so I thought I’d just throw it in.

Here is what we were offered:

  • 1 Night Stay at the Resort for $80 ($80 Value)
  • 2 Tickets – Wine Tasting For Two in Temecula + 1 Bottle of Wine to Take Home ($50+ Value)
  • Vacation of Our Choice ($1000+ Value)

We decided to take them up on the $80 room night offer because it was a resort and area of Southern California we hadn’t really been to before.

We got a 1 bedroom villa which was super nice and definitely worth the price we paid.

They also gave us Wine Tasting tickets that we can use in Temecula any time in the next 6 months.

We planned to use them when we were at the resort, but the winery was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, which were the 2 days we were in the area.

With the wine tasting tickets we also had the option of two other gifts, but we opted for the wine tasting.

  • Flagship Harbor Cruise – 2 Tickets for 2 hour tour of both the North and South Bays, from Coronado Island ($66 Value)
  • 2 Tickets – Los Angeles Zoo ($44 Value)

Welk Resorts Vacation Voucher

Lastly, let me tell you about this awesome vacation voucher.

We have our choice of any of these redemptions

  • Cruise For Two – 3, 4, or 7 night to Bahamas, Mexico, or Southern Caribbean ($500+ Value)
  • Round Trip Airfare For Two – anywhere in the Continental US ($500+ Value)
  • 7 Nights Accommodations – Choice of Atlantic City, NJ – Branson, MO – Cancun, MX – Myrtle Beach, SC – New Orleans, LA – Oahu, HI – Orlando, FL – Puerto Rico – San Diego, CA – San Francisco, CA – Smokey Mountains, TN – Wisconsin Dells, WI ($1000+ Value)
  • 2 Nights & Airfare – Choice of Las Vegas, NV – Orlando, FL – Los Cabos, MX – San Francisco, CA ($1000+ Value)
  • 2 Nights & Airfare – Hawaii or Cabo ($1000+ Value)
  • 2 Nights & Boat Service for Two – Catalina Island, CA ($500+ Value)
  • Thrill Package – 1 night stay + 4 One-Day Passes to Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, San Diego Zoo, or San Diego Zoo Safari Park ($500+ Value)
  • Thrill Package – 1 Night Stay + 2 One Day Passes to Disneyland, California Adventure, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, or LEGOLAND. ($500+ Value)

✅ Hilton Grand Vacations

This Vegas timeshare presentation I was actually invited to while I was working front desk for a Hilton property in Anaheim.

I think I received the email because I was a Hilton Honors member.

They offered me a free 3 night stay at the new Elara resort, which was AMAZING!

I highly recommend staying in one of their 1 bedroom suites with the jacuzzi.

It’s one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed.

But that was the whole deal, just 3 free nights there.

That’s when my husband and I first started dating and it was our first trip together.

I just had to go to the lobby and be shuttled to the presentation center.

JP didn’t do the tour with me since I told him he didn’t have to.

I mostly talked to my sales person about working for Hilton and being in grad school.

My family has always been Disney Vacation Club members, which is one of the only reputable timeshare companies, so I had a favorable view of timeshares.

So we talked about potentially joining Hilton Grand Vacations one day.

He agreed with me that nothing would ever beat the Hilton Team Member rates of $45 a night for most properties (when available) and those are good at Hilton Grand Vacations properties.

So he didn’t pressure me, he wasn’t mean, and then I was sent back to the Elara by myself in my own limo!

It was my first time ever in a limo too.

Las Vegas Timeshare Presentations

More Ways To Save Money On Your Las Vegas Vacation

After your Vegas timeshare presentation you’ll want to de-compress from the high pressure sales tactics.

Here are some ideas to make the most of your Vegas vacation on a budget.

? Las Vegas Birthday Freebies

There are over a hundred places in and around Las Vegas that offer freebies when it’s your birthday (or even birthday month)!

Auntie Anne's Pretzel

? Las Vegas Happy Hours

A great money saver is getting food and drinks during Happy Hour specials, which are available 24/7 in Las Vegas.

Margherita Pizza from Trevi in Las Vegas

Explore More With A Las Vegas GoCity Pass!

GoCity attractions cards offer included admission to over 400 top attractions, activities, tours, and museums for one low price!

Save up to 55% compared to buying separate tickets at the attractions and receive a free full-color guide book with your purchase.

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Cheap Places To Stay in Las Vegas

These are our favorite timeshares and hotels to stay in when we visit Las Vegas.

☑️ Polo Towers

Studio Efficiency Room – I recommend the Studio Efficiency if you’re traveling solo and wanted to save some money.

The size is more similar to what you’d see in some areas of Europe. Very small, but has what you need.

One Bedroom Accessible Room – We ended up in one because it’s all the had available, but as someone who is short (5′ 1″), the accessible room was perfect.

The kitchen counters and appliances were lower and much easier to reach.

Two Bedroom – The two bedroom villas are great for bigger groups or families.

The rooms here have full kitchens, which is virtually unheard of in Vegas, at least in non-timeshare hotels.

Click Here To Book Your Polo Towers Stay Today!

☑️ Horseshoe Center Strip Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (Formerly Bally’s)

This Horseshoe King Room is centrally located on the Strip and is consistently one of the cheapest hotel options in Vegas.

We usually are able to book a weeknight for $29 a night + resort fees.

Click Here To Book Your Bally’s Stay Today!

More Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas On A Budget

So outside of your timeshare presentation and the hotel you choose to stay in, there are a ton of ways to fill your time in Vegas.

☑️ Things To Do in Las Vegas If You Don’t Gamble

If you’re skipping the casinos you’re probably wondering what else there is to do.

Let me tell you, there’s a lot!

Bellagio Conservatory in Las Vegas

☑️ Things To Do in Las Vegas Off The Strip

If you’re looking to venture out from the Strip to other areas of downtown (many of which are cheaper), these are some of the best things to go do in the area.

Frankie's Tiki Room

 ☑️ AREA15 Las Vegas

This is a new, state of the art, indoor entertainment center, featuring Las Vegas’ most sought after experience – Omega Mart.

Emporium Arcade at Area15 Las Vegas

Must Try Restaurants In Las Vegas

You’ve gotta eat right?

We’ve broken down and categorized all the best restaurants in and around Las Vegas for every budget and every cuisine.

✔️ Best Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

If you’re looking to do Vegas on a budget, then these places are for you.

You can definitely enjoy some food for less here.

Tacos el Gordo in Las Vegas

✔️ Best Drinks in Las Vegas

If you’re wanting to go out for drinks, these are our favorite places to go around Las Vegas.

Best Drinks in Las Vegas

✔️ Best Las Vegas Desserts

Las Vegas is a city of indulgence.

There’s no better way to indulge than these best desserts around town.

Best Las Vegas Desserts

✔️ Most Romantic Restaurants in Las Vegas

Whether it’s date night, your wedding night, a honeymoon, or anniversary, these are the most romantic restaurants you can find in Las Vegas.

birthday dessert from Morton's Steakhouse

✔️ Best Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas

Pasta lovers, this one is for you.

If you could eat Italian every night for the rest of your life, Las Vegas is the place for you (if you can’t make it to Italy obviously).

pasta from Eataly Las Vegas

Conclusion: Las Vegas Timeshare Presentations

As you can see, it can definitely be worth 2 hours of your time to attend a Vegas timeshare presentation to get all of these freebies.

Sometimes you’re able to get things you can use right away on your trip and other times the freebies are for future vacations.

Depending on your travel style and frequency one of these scenarios might be better than the other, but for us we will take what we can get and make the best of it.

We love getting freebies we can use while we’re already traveling and we love getting freebies to use to plan future trips!

I will also add that we are now Diamond Resorts timeshare owners and we are very excited about being bought out by Hilton Grand Vacations.

That whole experience is for another post though.

Also Club Wyndham’s 2 year timeshare sampler is a good deal because we’ve done that one and it was very hassle free.

But again, these are really only good if you’re flexible with when and where you want to travel.

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