AREA15 Las Vegas Ultimate Guide

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Want to know everything you need to know about AREA15? We’ve got you covered with all the best and new experiences!

AREA15 is the newest entertainment district in Las Vegas and it is an absolute must-do on your next visit.

It had a much anticipated opening since there is nothing like it anywhere in the world!

The flagship activity is an immersive exhibit called Omega Mart.

It’s a new version of the interactive art collection Meow Wolf out of Santa Fe.

It’s super hard to explain unless you experience it yourself, but it is most similar to OtherWorld in Columbus which we featured recently.

You can check out the full experience of our first visit in this video on our YouTube Channel!

AREA15 Las Vegas

When we visited back in February, Omega Mart was not yet open, but they were doing a soft opening of everything else in AREA15.

So let’s talk about those things!

Experiences and Activities at AREA15

There a lot of different areas of AREA15 to explore.

Our favorite one was the Emporium which is an Arcade Bar.


I put $20 into the token machine and it filled up my entire cup with tokens.

It took 3 of us 2 hours to use up all of the tokens.

Unlike other arcades where $20 gets you maybe 10 minutes of game play.

We played a few rounds of Skeeball, Pinball, Pool, Basketball, and even Foosball.

We also enjoyed a few drinks while we were playing pool.

Emporium is 21+ only and is always open until midnight or later.

It wasn’t busy at all while we were there so we were able to move freely from game to game without having to wait.

I honestly am looking forward to my next Vegas trip so I can go back here again.


Birdly is a high-flying flight simulator.

This is a VR experience for those 48+ inches and who weigh less than 395 lbs.


Brainstorm is an AI experience that detects your brainwaves and turns your thoughts into digital art.

It can be as interactive as you want it to be and it’s open to all ages.

Dueling Axes

Dueling Axes is an axe throwing bar inside AREA15 that has a full bar and is a great group activity.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

UPDATE: The Immersive Experience here changes periodically, so it may not be the Van Gogh experience by the time you visit, but the premise remains the same.

There are tons of other experiences in AREA15 including the limited time Van Gogh Immersive Experience that you’ve probably been seeing ads for all over the internet.

They had a full bar inside with a couple of signature drinks.

I highly recommend them!

You can check out our full experience in this video on our YouTube Channel!

Five Iron Golf

Five Iron Golf is an indoor virtual golf experience.

They offer food and drinks, including a full bar.

Throughout the week they have various weekly specials, so check before you go.

Haley’s Comet

Haley’s Comet is a zipline experience that throughout the center of AREA15.

To participate in this experience, you must be 54-77 inches and 80-265 lbs.

Museum Fiasco

They also have a sound and light show called Museum Fiasco.

Fair warning though, it’s all strobe lights, so if you’re sensitive to that, this is not for you!

You can see our full experience in this video on our YouTube Channel!


Illuminarium is an immersive VR experience.

Rather than experiencing the immersion through goggles, it’ll be all around you with audio, visuals, in-floor vibrations, and scents.

You can choose from a few different immersive experiences including Space, and African Safari, After Dark 21+ experience where you experience nightlife around cities all over the world, and the Ultra-Lounge for adults 21+.

The Lumin Cafe & Kitchen is also located here and food, cocktails, desserts, and coffee all day.


Liftoff is a panoramic skyline experience and outdoor lounge.

It’s a 10 minute experience suitable for all ages.

OZ Ride

OZ Ride is a choose your own VR adventure experience.

You can currently choose between venturing through space or the land of animation.

Particle Quest

Particle Quest is a free roaming AR experience for everyone of all ages that can last up to 45 minutes.

Using a handheld AR device, you’ll follow particles throughout AREA15 leading you into the backstory of the whole place.

It’s a visually immersive behind the scenes experience.

Virtualis VR

This free roaming VR experience is for those ages 12+.

Virtualis VR uses full body tracking technology in free roaming environments that triggers 4D effects like wind, heat, and scents.

Wink World

Wink World is described as a “psychedelic art house meets carnival funhouse”.

I thought it would be like an open exhibit, but what they do is put about 4 people in a room at a time and you line up along the window.

Then you watch a show for a few minutes.

As this goes you keep going from room to room until you’ve made it through to the end.

It wasn’t what I thought it would be, but it was still really cool to see.

You can check out our full experience in this video on our YouTube Channel!

Food & Drinks at AREA15

With so much to do here, you can definitely spend an entire day inside.

This means that food and drinks will be a necessity.

AREA15 has just as many food and drink options as it does experiences.

You’ll see in the photos and video below a glowing tree.

This is part of a digital forest bar called Oddwood.

For desserts and snacks you have Rocket Fizz which is the confectionary and Emack & Bolio’s which is ice cream.

Area15 Bar Oddwood Neon Projection Lit Tree

There’s also food court style dining at The Beast.

This was designed by celebrity chef Todd English.

There are several other food options in here including:

Sweet Street, Belly of the Beast Pizza, Korean Corn Dog, Gives U Wings, Veggie Madness, Beast Burger, Beast Breath Smoke House, Salads, Space Tacos, Wok the Wok, Beast Pasta, and of course Children’s Menu options and all kinds of drinks.

Lost Spirits Distillery

Lost Spirits Distillery is a combination modern cirque show, rum distillery, and cocktail party.

Some magazines have even called this place the Disneyland for liquor.

Outdoor Exhibits at AREA15

Just outside of the main entrance is an art installation and a mirror room.

We went out there as AREA15 was closing and had to wait for people ahead of us to leave.

There is a shipping crate that when you go inside it’s a mirrored room with lots of lights and music.

Unfortunately while we were there the people ahead of us were hotboxing it, so the smell was pretty potent when we were finally able to walk in.

I would imagine this is a fairly common issue at all hours of the day since it’s Vegas.

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✔️ Bellagio Hotel and Casino

This top tier resort can be surprisingly afford if you’re a member of MGM Rewards.

It’s free to join and you’ll always get a discounted rate.

Usually some bonus offers are always available as well like upgrades or food and drink credits, unless it’s a major holiday.

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✔️ Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is right next door to Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s).

So again it is very centrally located on The Strip.

It is also part of the Caesar’s Rewards program, so I highly recommend joining that to save some money on your next stay.

It’s not always the cheapest place on The Strip, but pretty regularly throughout the year you can get a room for less than $100 a night, including the resort fee.

Everything about this resort really makes you feel like you’re in Paris, so it’s luxury on a budget.

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✔️ Delano Las Vegas

This is another luxury resort, but on the far south end of the Strip, attached to Mand alay Bay.

I most enjoyed the soaking tub with a water fountain faucet and the tv in the bathroom.

Our room also had a separate half bath out in the living room.

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✔️ Polo Towers

Studio Efficiency Room – I recommend the Studio Efficiency if you’re traveling solo and wanted to save some money.

The size is more similar to what you’d see in some areas of Europe. Very small, but has what you need.

One Bedroom Accessible Room – We ended up in one because it’s all the had available, but as someone who is short (5′ 1″), the accessible room was perfect.

The kitchen counters and appliances were lower and much easier to reach.

Two Bedroom – The two bedroom villas are great for bigger groups or families.

The rooms here have full kitchens, which is virtually unheard of in Vegas, at least in non-timeshare hotels.

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✔️ Horseshoe Hotel & Casino

This Horseshoe King Room is centrally located on the Strip and is consistently one of the cheapest hotel options in Vegas.

We usually are able to book a weeknight for $29 a night + resort fees.

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Conclusion: AREA15 Las Vegas

With covid things are changing all the time.

At the time we were there you needed to have advance tickets for anything you wanted to do.

Tickets to go in were free and then you just paid for anything you wanted while you were there.

This is probably constantly changing though, so always check their website first before just showing up.

I would imagine with Omega Mart being open now that it is harder to just show up and it requires a little bit more planning to be able to go.

I’m looking forward to future Vegas trips to try to do everything at Area15 Las Vegas and eat everywhere in here since there is just so much!

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